Breastfeeding Friendly Window Clings

To help make our community more breastfeeding friendly, we thought it would be a great opportunity to revamp the universal “breastfeeding welcome here” logo with a little help from our local community. Everyone likes a little personal touch and extra flare!

Universal “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” sign

The purpose of these logos is to turn them into window clings and/or stickers so local businesses can display them to let mothers know that that establishment accepts, supports, and welcomes breastfeeding moms. It might not seem like much, but it speak volumes to those who understand it’s meaning.

Our Top 3 Submissions!

Winner: Sierra Eagleson

Thank you to everyone who submitted their beautiful designs. It is so heartwarming to have a local community embrace this fun challenge to make the overall community more breastfeeding friendly!

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