Beautiful Baby Contest

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED THIS YEAR! Every single entry was beyond priceless and heartwarming to see! Your donations really helped out our local community and has inspired us to continue this new virtual format! We truly hope you enjoyed the experience as well. As always, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. The winners will be e-mailed the evening of August 2, 2021 with further instructions on how to pick-up their prize! BUT, without further ado, this years winners of the Beautiful Baby Contest are *insert drumroll*:

1st Place:

Lila, age: 8 months (at time of submission).

2nd Place:

Perry, age: 13 months (at time of submission).

3rd Place:

Camdyn, age: 8 weeks (at time of submission).

Donations always welcome: DONATE HERE.

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