Our Proclamation

If you perused one of our earliest blog posts, you may have stumbled on the Breastfeeding Family Friendly Community (BFFC) Designation post: BFFC Designation. In the blog post, there was a mentioning of getting a proclamation signed by the mayor to add extra support in making your local community more breastfeeding friendly. Well, in exciting news, I am here to share with you that we received our mayors support and a signed proclamation!

I’m not going to lie, we had put a lot of our BFFC aspirations on pause because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting a BFFC Designation takes a lot of footwork and personal connections, which understandably, has been limited. But, with our local mandates lifting and our COVID numbers decreasing, we started making small jumps towards rebooting our drive to get our BFFC Designation.

We knew that we wanted to celebrate Breastfeeding Month with our community this year, especially since we finally got our pod in place. So, we thought that it would only be fitting to have our proclamation complete for our event, to really cement our breastfeeding love in one big communal celebration!

If you want to know how our went: Breastfeeding Celebration. Or, maybe you want to learn more about our partnership with the South Bend Cubs and Mamava: Partnership.

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Breastfeeding Family Fun Day

World Breastfeeding Week 2021: August 1-7

Learn More: World Association for Breastfeeding Action (WABA)

Indigenous Breastfeeding Week: August 8-14

Learn More: Indigenous Milk Medicine Collective

Asian American, Native Hawaiian, & Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Week (AANHPI): August 15-21

Learn More: Asian & Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Task Force

Black Breastfeeding Week: August 25-31

Learn More: Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association

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Indiana Wic + South Bend Cubs + Mamava

As part of our Breastfeeding Family Friendly Community Designation, we have put a major focus on providing South Bend, IN with more opportunities to nurse in public, both publicly and privately (if desired). We did some surveying and found that our local stadium for the South Bend Cubs didn’t have a designated nursing/pumping space for mom’s and babies. Of course, Indiana has supportive laws in place for women to breastfeed in public, but sometimes, mom’s and babies want some extra privacy…especially with those who are easily distracted. So, with a lot of communication between Indiana Wic and the South Bend Cubs, as well as a lot of research, we came up with the Mamava Pod partnership!

Mamava pods
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Breastfeeding Family Friendly Community Designation

Objectives of Designation:

  • Help make breastfeeding the norm within the community so and help improve the health trajectory for future generations.
  • Enhance breastfeeding education and support at the local level.
  • Send the message that our community respects the breastfeeding family’s desire to breastfeed.
  • Help recognize the health benefits of breastfeeding for Mom and baby.
  • Enhance the efforts of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Designations at Memorial and SJRM
  • Raise awareness that exclusive breastfeeding is the “Great Equalizer” toward cancelling the health disparities regardless of poverty level.
  • Attract young families of all races and ethnicities to our community.

-There are four cities currently with the BFFC Designation: Carrboro, NC/ Chapel Hill, NC/ Durham, NC

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