Local Covid-19 Information

Beacon Health System/Memorial Hospital Covid-19 Protocols Key Notes:

    • Labor and Deliver- 2 consistent support person(s) over 18 yrs. of age.
    • Pediatric Patients- 2 consistent support person(s).
    • ER- At least 1 consistent support person with additional visitors allowed based on space and if department leader allows. ADDITIONALLY: Visitation is allowed if patient health is deteriorating.
    • Other circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • COVID (or suspected of COVID):
    • End of Life- Visitation will be allowed on a case by case basis by the nurse supervisor.
    • All other circumstances- 1 essential support person with requests to be cleared by the nursing supervisor.

Each visitor must complete COVID screening at entrance way. Visitors will be given a mask and escorted directly to and from the unit by a designated navigator.

Further information: Beacon Health System Visitor Policy

St. Joseph Hospital Covid-19 Protocols Key Notes:

1 UNIQUE visitor per patient per day with a few exceptions:
NICU, OB/Labor & Delivery/ Pediatrics, Surgery, Radiology and Cath lab.

NO VISITORS FOR COVID POSITIVE PATIENTS, but exceptions may occur for end of life patients.

  • NICU:
    • Mother and 1 support person may visit baby if mother is still a patient. Support person must be the same person for duration of baby’s stay in NICU.
    • Once mother is discharged from post-partum, mother is encouraged to stay and board while baby is in NICU. Meal trays will be available. If boarding is available, the support person may stay continuously as well.
    • If unable to board, mother can visit once each day. Support person can visit once each day with or without mother.
    • Mother who is suspected for COVID or tests positive may not visit her baby in NICU.
  • OB/Labor & Delivery:
    • 2 unique visitors for duration of mothers stay; these same visitors can be in labor & delivery unit as well.
    • 1 doula that is hired by mother may be present for labor & delivery.
    • 1 support person may stay the night with mother post delivery.
    • Adoptive parents pursuing legal adoption with a recognized adoption agency may board with their newborn.
  • Pediatrics:
    • Non-Covid– Two healthy parent(s) or guardian may accompany the pediatric patient. Parents or guardians can switch out only once each day.
    • Covid– One healthy parent or guardian may accompany the pediatric patient and must wear a gown, gloves, and mask at all times. No switching out for parents/guardians.

Futher information: St. Joseph Hospital Visitor Policy

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