Local Covid-19 Information

Beacon Health System/Memorial Hospital Covid-19 Protocols Key Notes:

    • Labor and Deliver- 2 consistent support person(s) over 18 yrs. of age.
    • Pediatric Patients- 2 consistent support person(s).
    • ER- At least 1 consistent support person with additional visitors allowed based on space and if department leader allows. ADDITIONALLY: Visitation is allowed if patient health is deteriorating.
    • Other circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • COVID (or suspected of COVID):
    • Up to 2 visitors may visit if patient condition allows.
      • Only adults can visit Covid positive patients, unless in extenuating circumstances.
      • Visitors must adhere to required PPE.
      • Visitors must be educated on infection risk.
    • Visitors of Covid patients in Airborne Isolation:
      • Limited on the duration they visit
      • Wear necessary PPE
      • NOT be present for highest risk AGPs such as intubation, extubation, and bronchs. Recommended not being present during nebulizer treatments if avoidable.

Each visitor must complete COVID screening at entrance way. Each visitor will be required to wear a disposable mask at all times in the facility.

Further information: Beacon Health System Visitor Policy

St. Joseph Hospital Covid-19 Protocols Key Notes:

1 UNIQUE visitor per patient per day with a few exceptions:
NICU, OB/Labor & Delivery/ Pediatrics, Surgery, Radiology and Cath lab.

NO VISITORS FOR COVID POSITIVE PATIENTS, but exceptions may occur for end of life patients.

  • NICU:
    • Mother and 1 support person may visit baby if mother is still a patient. Support person must be the same person for duration of baby’s stay in NICU.
    • Once mother is discharged from post-partum, mother is encouraged to stay and board while baby is in NICU. Meal trays will be available. If boarding is available, the support person may stay continuously as well.
    • If unable to board, mother can visit once each day. Support person can visit once each day with or without mother.
    • Mother who is suspected for COVID or tests positive may not visit her baby in NICU.
  • OB/Labor & Delivery:
    • 2 unique visitors for duration of mothers stay; these same visitors can be in labor & delivery unit as well.
    • 1 doula that is hired by mother may be present for labor & delivery.
    • 1 support person may stay the night with mother post delivery.
    • Adoptive parents pursuing legal adoption with a recognized adoption agency may board with their newborn.
  • Pediatrics:
    • Non-Covid– Two healthy parent(s) or guardian may accompany the pediatric patient. Parents or guardians can switch out only once each day.
    • Covid– One healthy parent or guardian may accompany the pediatric patient and must wear a gown, gloves, and mask at all times. No switching out for parents/guardians.

Futher information: St. Joseph Hospital Visitor Policy

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